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These are the programs and services that staff concentrate.


Here is a photo gallery that answers the question "What is NEOCH?"

NEOCH can assist a staff person with a grievance about a social service provider.  We can go with the individual as their advocate to resolve a discharge or complaint that they have with staff or the rules at the shelter.  Typically, we do one grievance every three weeks.

Street Card


Homeless Street Paper 

NEOCH publishes a one page guide to all the services in Cleveland.  10,000 copies are printed along with all those downloaded and copied that are distributed throughout the community. 


Street Chronicle published every three or four months.  Sold on the streets of Cleveland by 15 vendors. Half of the stories are by low income and homeless people. Profits from the sale go to the vendors.

Homeless Congress


Special Street Cards

35 people attend our monthly Homeless Congress, and they discussed policy issues, shelter standards, and a response to the foreclosure crisis.  We invite government to attend and hear directly from homeless people.


NEOCH publishes a one page guide of all the services available to veterans, families, and outreach.  1,000-5,000 copies are printed along with all those downloaded and copied that are distributed throughout the community.

Protecting Voting 


Website Education 

NEOCH has worked to have every homeless person registered to vote.  We have sued the State to assure that homeless people who want to vote in person but do not have identification have that ability. We continue to guard the rights of homeless people to vote in Ohio.


NEOCH has completely revamped our website.  We now have a Facebook/Twitter page as well.  We regularly update the blog.  There are profiles and the Grapevine archive.  The Street Card is available along with a special section for members only.

Outreach Coordination 



We work with the social service providers who go outside and try to build trusting relationships with homeless people.  We have put together a map of the City to assure that everyone resistant to shelter is visited at least every other day.  This program tries to prevent deaths. NEOCH also worked to coordinate the distribution of food outside.


NEOCH publishes reports on trends in the community and statistics about the extent of the problem.  We publish regular statistical updates on our website.  These reports remind the general public that homelessness is on the rise and needs to be a high priority for funding.

Volunteer Oversight 


State and National Work 

NEOCH works to place interested volunteers and community groups who want to serve homeless people.  We can help place people at NEOCH as well as placing groups with direct service providers in the community. We also regularly oversee interns from colleges who spend a semester at NEOCH


NEOCH has a position with the National Coalition for the Homeless Board.  This board position assures that the unique problems of homeless people in Cleveland are heard at the State and National Level, and we bring back good ideas from other cities in the United States.

Street Voices:

Public Education 


Focusing Community Attention 

NEOCH brings elected officials and policy makers to the same table as homeless people.  We try to develop leaders within the community and then teach homeless people how to speak before a crowd.  They make presentations in churches and schools  with a program called Street Voices. We also have a moveable wall display.


NEOCH sends out regular press releases and regularly brings homeless people to the attention of the media.  NEOCH publishes information about problems facing homeless people and suggests possible solutions.  NEOCH calls attention to hate crimes against homeless people or laws that unfairly target homeless people.



Housing Website 

NEOCH is one of the few organizations that reminds the community on a regular basis of those individuals that we lose every year due to homelessness.  NEOCH holds a candlelight vigil every year to remember those who passed away.


NEOCH co-sponsors the HousingCleveland website that allows homeless individuals to find housing with 1 million searches done by 240,000 unique users in 2015.  We also have a service in which case workers can help find targeted housing for special needs populations.

Stand Down 


Legal Assistance

NEOCH constantly works to bring the various homeless populations together.  Every year, we assist in a Stand Down service fair to bring thousands (1,600 in 2016) of homeless people together to get access to services, massages, health screenings, and haircuts all in the same place. Currently overseen by Handson NEO


This is a collaboration with the Cleveland Bar Association.  We placed an attorney at 10 shelters and operate weekly clinics and  a divorce clinic to help 300 people overcome their legal barriers to stability for non-criminal activities such as eviction, domestic issues, and expungements.

Ethical Leadership


Donation Distribution

The NEOCH Board oversees gifts, public resources and grants to carry out our mission in the best interest of the community.  We take seriously our responsibility to be transparent and provide the best quality care in an effort to end homelessness.


NEOCH coordinates with the other outreach teams to collect and distribute donations of winter and rain gear.  Through the #SocksPlus program, we give out tents, back-packs, housing assistance, socks and boots.

Resident Councils


Protecting Rights

NEOCH organizes a resident council at the largest men’s shelter. We hear from the residents and then get a response from the shelter director.  We could do more if we had the funds.  We could do the women’s shelter. We could also publish a status report yearly on the shelters.


NEOCH works to assure that homeless people are not targeted by police.  We work at the local and national level to reduce the trends to make it illegal to be homeless.  We work to enforce our agreement with the City of Cleveland from 2000, and we work on reducing and punishing hate crimes against homeless people

Policy Work


Trainings and Special Events

NEOCH works on issuing policy statements and responding to changes in local regulations.  We have worked to improve privacy rights of homeless people, diversions from shelters, central intake, voting laws, and resources being used on local poverty programs.


NEOCH has overseen concerts and dinners to support the organization.  We regularly host educational opportunities for homeless service providers to learn about new projects and access to community resources.  In addition, we help schedule a monthly housing meeting to preserve affordable housing in Cleveland.

Housing Advocacy


Assisting with Grievances

NEOCH has partnered on a monthly meeting to preserve affordable housing in Cuyahoga County.  We work with the housing authority on policies and annual plans.  We want to push for effective implementation of a National Housing Trust and creation of a local housing trust to preserve and expand affordable housing. 


NEOCH can assist a staff person with a grievance about a social service provider.  We can go with the individual as their advocate to resolve a discharge or complaint that they have with staff or the rules at the shelter.  Typically, we do one grievance every three weeks.

Incubating New Programs

NEOCH is always willing to listen to good ideas by homeless people, and we will help those individuals put those ideas into action.

  • Constructing a missing person website/database merging the County and City listings.
  • Work on advocacy around why homeless people are dying in our community.
  • Constructing a plan for how homeless people can have access to bicycles to bridge the transportation gap in our community.
  • Developing a web based Street Card for smart phones.
  • Coordinate and provide training to social service providers around health care issues.
  • Create a program to offer an alternative to panhandling in Downtown Cleveland.
  • Create a "Partnership to End Homelessness" among business and religious leaders.

The mission of NEOCH is to organize and empower homeless and at risk men, women and children to break the cycle of homelessness through public education, advocacy, and the creation of nurturing environments.


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