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Outreach Services

In 2014, NEOCH expanded our outreach efforts with the support of Community West Foundation.  We added an outreach trainee position in the hopes of bringing together the volunteers, religious groups and students who go out and serve the population along with the "professional" outreach teams from the various agencies.  Our goal is to maintain the number of outreach teams and demonstrate the importance of these teams to the community.  To that end we have produced the following videos to show the importance of outreach services for Greater Cleveland.

Alexis James Property Manager at Greenbridge Apartments

Dennis Ashton Outreach Trainee at NEOCH

Toni Johnson of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Jim Schlecht of Care Alliance

Denise Toth of NEOCH

Tyrone H. of Care Alliance

Mike Grogan of St. Ignatius Labre

In the winter of 2015, we joined with Metanoia, St. Paul's Church and Care Alliance to purchase hard to find items for the winter.  We have distributed blankets and scarfs and hats for years.  This year we purchased items that we do not typically receive through donations such as boots, gloves, hoodies and long underwear.  We packed all of these on the military grade backpacks and distributed them throughout the winter.  We also assisted people with housing during the extreme weather. 

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