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Posted New Membership Newsletter, New First Call for Help Stats, and Issue 55 of Grapevine

We have posted the Advocacy membership newsletter in the Member section of the website from March 31.  You must login to the website to view the member section.  It has stats, updates, upcoming events and what you can do to help homeless people.  

We have posted new statistics from First Call for Help with comparison over the last few years.   It shows a sizable increase in total calls to the helpline, but a decrease in calls regarding housing.  We have posted a page just with First Call for Help stats and then a graph in our information blog.  Thanks to Allison from BW for her help with these.

We have also posted the articles from Issue 55 of the Homeless Grapevine.  This paper is very interesting in that it has the genesis of many problems that the City faced years in the future.   This paper was published in 2002, and has an article about pretatory lenders targeting minority neighborhoods.  This paper has a couple of stories about how the Salvation Army was not performing very well in running the big men's shelter.   It has an editorial about the lack of oversight in the shelters and the incredible shortage of affordable housing in America.  There is a look at hate crimes in America and a protest in Covington Kentucky. 


Annual Report, New Job Available, New Video, New Grapevine Published 

We have done a great deal of work over the last week on the website.  We have added a number of new items to improve the information on the site.

  • We added the Annual Report for 2013 to the website. This has a summary of 2013, the awards given at the Annual Meeting and a summary of the strategic plan.
  • We have added a job description for a new outreach training worker.  This has a job application with it for those who have previous experience with homelessness.
  • Brent has added a new video of Angelo Anderson advertising the Street Voices project.  The speaker are available to talk to civic or religious groups.  
  • We added Grapevine #65b from June of 2004.  This has a number of commentaries and a couple of stories about staying in the shelter.  There were two reports released by the National Coalition on the rights of the transgendered and a look at hate crimes against homeless people.

NEOCH E-Mail Not Working

The NEOCH e-mail system is down right now.  You can send e-mail to clevelandhomeless (at) yahoo (dot) com through Wednesday on a temporary basis while we get this fixed.  Our whole server went down and someone is working on restoring it.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Brian Davis


Newsletter Posted and a New Issue of the Grapevine 

We have added the February newsletter to the member section of the website.  You must login to the site to view all the previous newsletters.   There is a sample newsletter available here if you want to see what you get for your donation.   We add statistics to the newsletter on the funding for ESG.  We have upcoming events and information about our annual meeting and Housing 101 workshop coming up. 

We have also added Homeless Grapevine #64 from March 2004.  This had a number of commentaries and a profile of a new Care Alliance.  There is an article about outreach workers and the amazing work they do in Cleveland.  We look at the Radio marathon that took place in Cleveland with 24 hours broadcast about homelessness. Finally, an editorial about snow finally ending for the season. 


New Photos on the front, New Video and New Information

We have posted new photos on the front of the website.  These are a gallery (mostly of portraits) from the Homeless Stand Down from January 25, 2014 at the Cleveland Public Hall.  We were able to serve 1,100 people and had the help of 400 volunteers.  It was a great day and you can see how decent and honorable those who attended the event appear.  

We have posted in our information blog, the amount of money the states are giving up over the next 10 years by not expanding Medicaid.  We also list the number of severely mentally ill and substance abusers who could enroll in Medicaid if their home state had decided to expand.   These 3.7 million people will not have access to health care. 

Finally, we added a new video of Sheri West on our blog and on our Street Voices page.  West is a speaker for our program and has gone through a period of homelessness.  She can come to a school or church to talk about her experiences and about homelessness in general.  We are doing video features with all of our speakers.