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Added Chronicle #22.1 and New Page on Improving the Shelters, Ohio Rankings

We have added all the articles that were published from Issue 22.1 in February 2015.  These contained a number of articles from the vendors and a feature on one of the men who had his camp site swept by the City of Akron.  It featured a survey of homeless people about what their top priority would be if they were Mayor.  There is also a story about serving people living outside

The Homeless Congress has worked to improve the shelters in Cleveland.  There is a page on their advocacy here.  This gives a good overview of the problem and the recommended solutions. 

 Added an entire page on how we rank in the State of Ohio on poverty, housing and homelessness.  This gives a quick reference to how Ohio compares to other states. 


Updated Website and Added Bridge Support Newsletters

We updated the Staff list to include the new Interns for this summer.  They are helping to update the website.  We have updated the strategies to end homelessness and some of the goals.  We have fixed some of the broken links. 

We have added all the most recent Bridge Support Newsletters. This is the information distributed to outreach workers in the homeless community sent out weekly.  We archive the newsletters here. 

Did not realize that we had not posted the Family Street Card on the website.  We have included the 2014 Family Street Card.  We are working on updating all three Street Cards (veterans, Family, and regular Street Card). 


Update the Housing Workshops and Added a Bunch of New Graphs

We have a new flyer and updated the Housing 101 workshop page.  The next date is October 23 and there are 31 spaces left.  This page has a flyer you can print out and send in with your payment. Your space is confirmed when you send us your payment. 

We have also provided a number of new graphs on our information blog thanks to Megan the intern.  We have a graph on the First Call for Help numbers over the last year. We also have a look at the shelter demographics for one night in Cleveland and the Housing First residents.  We gave two graphs from the State of Fair Housing including a look at the minority populations and the last five years complaints regarding fair housing that came in to the Housing Center.  After the struggles in Baltimore, there was a look at how geography will impact the earnings of kids in various cities.  We provide the top cities in which children have an average increase in income and the bottom of that list (Cleveland is not on either, whew).  


Added Street Chronicle And More Donations Needed

We posted the last issue of the Cleveland Street Chronicle from September 2014.  This was the volume 21.3 issue from last year.  It featured a number of commentaries from the vendors including one on the high poverty rate in Cleveland.  There was an article about the difficulty in getting bed rest at the women's shelter in Cleveland.  There was a profile of Larry Davis and one on a guy named Silk.  There was an article about the 20th anniversary of the Cosgrove Center and an article about the Homeless Street Card.

With the Socks Plus campaign continuing, we have resided our donations for the spring to include items to keep people dry.  We are still collecting socks, hygiene kits and other items.  To that end, we have revised our flyer and page on donations here. 


Added New Front Page Slideshow, Added Annual Report, and a Page on the Importance of Outreach

We replaced the video on the front of the website with a second set of images from the 2015 Homeless Stand Down. 

We added the NEOCH Annual Report for 2014 to the website.  This details the awards we gave out and a look at the last year.  We detail the finances for last year and the list of board and staff members. 

We have created a new page called the Importance of Outreach which has videos from people who work on the streets and the commercial for the Socks Plus campaign.