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New Front Page Pics, Bridge Support and Grapevine Issue #75

We have posted a slide show by Pleasure Simmons on the Frontpage of the website.  Pleasure was a student in our last class of homeless people taught the art of photography.  We gave each a camera and taught them how to use it.  We had an artist come in to show the group how to capture the best images.  This is the first gallery featuring the work of Pleasure Simmons.  We will have a second gallery including the work that won him an award in the next month. 

We also posted a new Bridge Support newsletter for the outreach folks to use in their work. 

Finally, we have a new Grapevine archived on our website.   We posted issue #75 from 2006 when we had staff dedicated to working on the paper.  It was a good issue with stories about those who fled from Katrina to Cleveland and a commentary about the War on Cities by the Bush Administration.   There were commentaries about the shelters, and a plea for not putting down the poor.  There was a story about Ohio being one of the most dangerous cities in the US for homeless people, and an unannounced tour of the shelters by the new Mayor of Cleveland.


Member Section Updated, Bridge Support, and New Eviction Stats

We have posted new materials in the Member Section of our website including a newsletter for members and a discussion about new questionable research released by the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Dennis Culhane.  We have questioned his research in the past, but this latest is based on flawed data as well as conclusion.  It makes silly conclusions that are not based on actual human behavior in the real world or grossly underestimates of the population.  You must login to the website to view either the newsletter or the Member HUB section

We have posted a new Bridge Support newsletter for those who go outside and serve the population.  This is a good summary of items relevant to those who directly serve homeless people.   Check it out here.

Finally, we posted a graphic on the number of evictions over the last five years.  This comes from the Cleveland Housing Court (which does not include any suburban court), and shows both evictions and when the bailiff goes out to put items on the curb.  Check out the numbers here.


New Grapevine, Bridge Support and Poverty Statistics

We posted the Issue #72 of the Homeless Grapevine street newspaper which was published in August 2005.  This issue had a number of stories about the conditions at the Women's Shelter and the anger by some of the women who stay at the shelter.  There was a discussion about Food Not Bombs serving food on Public Square and the opposition they are facing by the City.  There was an article about beginning of the end of the North American Street Newspaper Association.   NASNA went out of business in 2013.   Amazingly, the vendors of the Homeless Grapevine voted to support the panhandling legislation that passed the City of Cleveland (NEOCH opposed the ordinance).  Finally, there is an article about the Hate Crimes report issued by the National Coalition for the Homeless for 2004. 

There is another Bridge Support newsletter posted on the website.  This is the outreach newsletter is for those who serve those resistant to shelter. 

In the information blog there is look at 10 years of poverty trends from the US Census.  It shows the change in poverty from 2000 to 2010 as was recently released by the US Census.   This shows the rise in poverty in the South and Indiana and Washington state over the decade.


Voting Updates, Added Videos to Street Voices, Hand Up Gala

We have updated everything in our voting section.  We have "Vote" button on many of our pages that links to all the materials for the upcoming election.  With the help of our intern, Lora, we have updated the voting brochures and information packets.  We have updated all the information with the new laws and have many resources available to print out and distribute. 

We have added a video of Larry Davis to the Street Voices section of our website.  Larry is the former Coordinator of the program and talks about the value of the Street Voices speakers.   He is currently on the Board and has helped with many presentations over the years. 

We are working on the Hand Up Gala right now.  The Bishop Cosgrove is celebrating 20 years and this is the fifth annual fund raiser.  We have updated the Hand Up Gala webpage.  We are currently collecting donations for the auction and advertisements for the program book. 

We have also posted the Debbie video on the front page of our website. 


Grapevine #71 Posted, Bridge Support, Member Section, Voting Updates

We updated the Grapevine archive to include Issue #71.  We only have a dozen issues left to be posted on the internet. There is a profile of a guy living outside, and a look at the renaming of West 2nd to Daniel Thompson Way.  There was an early article on the invasive nature of the Homeless Management Information System in our community.   There is also an article on the new  website which was introduced in 2005. 

We updated the Bridge Support to include the latest version of this weekly newsletter. This is a weekly update on things happening in the homeless community.  You can sign up for this service to receive by e-mail if you want. 

We have added a commentary about the resolution of the situation with Laura's Home in our member's section of our website.   This is available if you login to those with a login to the website.  We go through a history of the Coordinated Intake issue and the resolution after Congressional involvement.  

Finally, we updated our voting section of our website. We have posted a "vote button" on many of our pages which is clickable to go to our voting section.  We posted all new documents to reflect the new restrictions and obstacles put in place by the State of Ohio.  We are starting our campaign to get every homeless person in Cuyahoga County registered and encourage them to vote.  We held a training on Friday June 27 to teach the new rules and procedures at the State level.  We thought it was a good time to update our enitre Homeless Voting section of our website.  We will continue to update this section throughout the summer as we work to register or provide a change of address to every homeless person in our community over the next four months.