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Added Two New Issues of the Grapevine/Chronicle

We have placed Issue #82 of the Homeless Grapevine to the Newspaper Archive. It has a couple of stories by the National Coalition for the Homeless including a challenge for the Presidential candidates to sleep on the streets of DC.  There is story about the Furniture Bank and a commentary about squatting in Cleveland. We also closed Aviation Overflow Shelter and the promise to replace this shelter.  There was a piece of advoacy about the Public Square over, and an interview with Covering Cleveland non-profit agency.

We also added the last issue of the Street Chronicle to the archive.  This featured a number of articles from vendors including an article about Steve Harvey overcoming homelessness.  There is a summary of local news updates. There were a couple of articles about the tough winter.  The paper also had survey of what people found most surprising when they showed up at a homeless shelter. 


Improved the Member Section of the Website

We have improved the member section of the website.  This additional content is only available to those who login to the site.  You have to be a paid member of the Coalition to log in to the website.  We have moved our weekly Bridge Support newsletter behind the pay wall and have placed all the recent issues on the site.  We have added content to the member only hub/blog.  We have been posting some of the calls we get and some of the problems we see in the shelters in Cleveland.  We have also added a new page called the Deal of the Month or Quarter.  Cleveland Public Theatre is the first group to offer a special deal to NEOCH members.  Tell us what you think and what additional content we could place here.


Added Stand Down, Added Advocacy, New Front Page, Tax Return, Reaserch and Stats

We have updated the Stand Down page to include the flyer for the 2016 Stand Down.  We have also added a flyer for religious groups or social service providers to help with transporting homeless people to the Stand Down. 

We have created a page on the historic Justice Department decision to weigh in on the criminalization of homelessness in Boise, but this could be used around the country.  We have dedicated a page to this legal brief which could be used in advocacy around the country. 

We added new pictures on the front of the website to demonstrate some of the issues that we work on in Cleveland.

We added our 990 IRS Tax Return to the website to remain transparent.  We have posted all of the last six years worth of tax returns to keep the public up to date on our activities. 

We have updated our Research and Infromation section of the website. We have added the 100 poorest cities in the United States from the US Census Bureau from 2013.  We also added a 2015 overview of homelessness and housing in Cuyahoga County.



Added Chronicle #22.1 and New Page on Improving the Shelters, Ohio Rankings

We have added all the articles that were published from Issue 22.1 in February 2015.  These contained a number of articles from the vendors and a feature on one of the men who had his camp site swept by the City of Akron.  It featured a survey of homeless people about what their top priority would be if they were Mayor.  There is also a story about serving people living outside

The Homeless Congress has worked to improve the shelters in Cleveland.  There is a page on their advocacy here.  This gives a good overview of the problem and the recommended solutions. 

 Added an entire page on how we rank in the State of Ohio on poverty, housing and homelessness.  This gives a quick reference to how Ohio compares to other states. 


Updated Website and Added Bridge Support Newsletters

We updated the Staff list to include the new Interns for this summer.  They are helping to update the website.  We have updated the strategies to end homelessness and some of the goals.  We have fixed some of the broken links. 

We have added all the most recent Bridge Support Newsletters. This is the information distributed to outreach workers in the homeless community sent out weekly.  We archive the newsletters here. 

Did not realize that we had not posted the Family Street Card on the website.  We have included the 2014 Family Street Card.  We are working on updating all three Street Cards (veterans, Family, and regular Street Card).