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Added Street Chronicle And More Donations Needed

We posted the last issue of the Cleveland Street Chronicle from September 2014.  This was the volume 21.3 issue from last year.  It featured a number of commentaries from the vendors including one on the high poverty rate in Cleveland.  There was an article about the difficulty in getting bed rest at the women's shelter in Cleveland.  There was a profile of Larry Davis and one on a guy named Silk.  There was an article about the 20th anniversary of the Cosgrove Center and an article about the Homeless Street Card.

With the Socks Plus campaign continuing, we have resided our donations for the spring to include items to keep people dry.  We are still collecting socks, hygiene kits and other items.  To that end, we have revised our flyer and page on donations here. 


Added New Front Page Slideshow, Added Annual Report, and a Page on the Importance of Outreach

We replaced the video on the front of the website with a second set of images from the 2015 Homeless Stand Down. 

We added the NEOCH Annual Report for 2014 to the website.  This details the awards we gave out and a look at the last year.  We detail the finances for last year and the list of board and staff members. 

We have created a new page called the Importance of Outreach which has videos from people who work on the streets and the commercial for the Socks Plus campaign. 


Added More Bridge Support, Street Card Update and a Stand Down Page

We have placed more Bridge Support newsletters for outreach teams and volunteers.  This is our weekly newsletter for keeping people informed about program updates and service bulletins.

We have updated the Homeless Street Card to reflect the introduction of the Coordinated Intake move to 1736 Superior Ave. on February 24, 2015.  We have a pdf version and a Word version that you can print out and distribute.  This is the most popular page on our website. 

We have added a new page under our Program section on the Homeless Stand Down. This includes statistics from the last year and photos from the previous three years.   We have also put together a history of the Stand Down on its own page with photos from the past.  This was put together by William and details the quarter century of Stand Downs in Greater Cleveland. 


Added Issue #77, Bridge Support, New Stats, Legal Assistance Schedule, Homeless Congress Priorities

We have added Issue #77 to the Grapevine archive.  This might be one of the best papers in our history. It features the first Homeless Congress meeting and a long interview with the Mayor of Cleveland.  It talks about the Truth Commission in Cleveland and the loss of the Community Legal Services at LMM.  There is local and national news briefs and a Commentary by Michael Stoops.  It features some really good journalism and homeless statistics.

We have added three more copies of the Bridge Support newsletter. 

We have added a five year look at homeless shelter populations in Cleveland with stats from the Office of Homeless Services.

We added the Homeless Legal Assistance schedule for 2015 as best we could piece together.  We have lost a couple of clinics over the last year.

Finally, we have added the priority items for the Homeless Congress in Cleveland.  These are the seven issues that the Homeless Congress members want to focus attention.  This was voted on by a consensus of homeless people in Cleveland in February 2015.


Added Issue #81, Bridge Support and New Video on Front

Issue #81 was packed full of information.  There was information about hate crimes, local news as well as national news.  There are a number of articles about young people learning about homelessness and poverty.  Michael Stoops wrote an article for the paper and a commentary about the House of Blues from a vendor. There are reviews of meal programs, a look at the work of the Homeless Congress, and a look at the problems at a shelter in Columbus.  This issue was on the streets in June 2007 and a commentary about the need for universal access to shelter was also included in this issue. 

We added all the newsletters for the Outreach Workers called the Bridge Support for 2014.  There were 39 issues in 2014 and we added a folder with the older issues in a folder.  We also added the first two issues from 2015 to the website.

Finally, we added a new video on the front page of Denise, our outreach worker. She talks about how important outreach is to the community.