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Added Issue 74 and Award Winner Section of the Site

We have added an Award Winner section of the website.  This goes back to 2000 and highlights the awards NEOCH has given out every year.  We typically give out an Advocate of the Year and Volunteer of the Year award every year.  We have given out Media Personality of the Year Award and Voting Awards in the past. We will add the Ione Biggs Award Winner's Profile in the near future.

We have also added Issue #74 to the Grapevine archive.  This was in January of 2005, when a new Mayor was taking over at City Hall.  There are a number of letters and commentaries asking for new initiatives from the Mayor.  We go through the funding of the shelters locally and the Continuum of Care in this issue.  There was a story about the introduction of the Housing Cleveland website and a commentary about how re-entry folks often face discrimination.  There was the publication of the results of a survey about the street newspaper from readers.  A bill to end long term homelessness was introduced this week and Lydia Bailey provided a good overview of homelessness.


Added Three Bridge Supports, New Stats about Downtown Homeless

We added three Bridge Support newsletters on the website.  These are produced weekly and case workers can sign up to receive them by e-mail.  

We posted new stats about the downtown homeless on our information blog.  We have sixteen years of the number of people sleeping outside in the Downtown.   In 2014, we found three people sleeping outside.

We also updated the member hub section of the website with a commentary about how rough homeless families are having it this winter.  You must login to the website to get access to the member section.


Updated Front Page and Added Last Chronicle

We changed the Hand Up Gala pictures on the front page. This is the second gallery from the October 17, 2014 fine dining meal.  It is a fund raiser for the organization along with Catholic Charities Bishop Cosgrove Center.  We love this event because homeless and hungry people look forward to this fine dining meal with the proper ambiance.  It was a nice event.

We also posted the last Street Chronicle on our website.  Issue 21.2 was posted and was sold on the streets of Cleveland over the summer.  This issue has a number of commentaries from our vendors.  There is an article about single homeless people and the struggles that they face.  We have a few short articles about homelessness in Cleveland, and an article about living outside in cold weather.  There is an article about family health issues, and the value of the ID program in Cleveland. 


Update Grapevine Archive, Statistics, Updated Front Page

Added Issue #73 to the Grapevine archive with an article about Sex offenders in the shelter and a couple of articles about the aftermath of Katrina.  There are a series of commentaries about being one paycheck away from homelessness and the problems associated with hunger.  There is local news updates and a look at the summer seminar around homelessness.

We also posted Issue #54 which has an explosive editorial about the deplorable conditions within the shelters.  There was a letter from the City Mission about our commentary from Issue 53.  This was the first appearance of permanent supportive housing.  There is a profile of a veteran experiencing PTSD, and a promise by a local County Commissioner who intends to sleep in the shelter.

We changed the front page to include recent updates and more links to the meat of the website.  We also added an easy link to our blanket drive to many of our pages.   We added statistics to include estimates of homeless people in 2013 based on the US Census numbers.  

We added many copies of the Bridge Support Newsletters.


Added Bridge Supports, Updated Voting Section, Handup Gala

We have added two new issues of the Bridge Support Newsletter.  This is the weekly newsletter that we send out to outreach teams locally.  You can check out the archive here

With the Federal Court Decision today reinstating Golden Week, we updated our voting section.  We have updated a number of the pages to include the expanded early voting and posted a blog entry about the federal court order. 

We have also updated our auction for the Hand Up Gala.  We are going to be sending out announcements and remittance envelopes this next week to those who have supported the Gala in the past.  We will have auction packages this year instead of individual items for those who donate.  We have posted the auction packages on our website here.   We hope that you can support this important fundraiser especially with Cosgrove celebrating 20 years in Cleveland.