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Added Issue #81, Bridge Support and New Video on Front

Issue #81 was packed full of information.  There was information about hate crimes, local news as well as national news.  There are a number of articles about young people learning about homelessness and poverty.  Michael Stoops wrote an article for the paper and a commentary about the House of Blues from a vendor. There are reviews of meal programs, a look at the work of the Homeless Congress, and a look at the problems at a shelter in Columbus.  This issue was on the streets in June 2007 and a commentary about the need for universal access to shelter was also included in this issue. 

We added all the newsletters for the Outreach Workers called the Bridge Support for 2014.  There were 39 issues in 2014 and we added a folder with the older issues in a folder.  We also added the first two issues from 2015 to the website.

Finally, we added a new video on the front page of Denise, our outreach worker. She talks about how important outreach is to the community.


Added Issue 76, A New Video on the Front Page, and 2013 Eviction Stats

Added a summary of the Evictions from 2013 for all the municipal courts in Cuyahoga County and the big communities in Ohio.  This is a good indicator because a certain percentage of those evicted become homeless during the following year.  We also have a new video from our NEOCH Youtube channel featuring Jim Schlect.  He talks about the importance of outreach in Cleveland, and we posted the video on the front of the website as well as on our blog. Also check out the new holiday logo to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. 

We also added Issue 76 to our Grapevine archive.  This issue was published in June of 2006, and there were a number of stories about the changes at Laura's Home privately funded shelters.  There was a discussion about universal coverage expansion.   The Office of Homeless Service Advisory responded to an article from the previous issue and then the Grapevine staff translated the letter.  We posted a commentary about Domestic Violence in Cleveland.  There are local homeless news as well as national news highlights in this issue as well.


Added Issue 74 and Award Winner Section of the Site

We have added an Award Winner section of the website.  This goes back to 2000 and highlights the awards NEOCH has given out every year.  We typically give out an Advocate of the Year and Volunteer of the Year award every year.  We have given out Media Personality of the Year Award and Voting Awards in the past. We will add the Ione Biggs Award Winner's Profile in the near future.

We have also added Issue #74 to the Grapevine archive.  This was in January of 2005, when a new Mayor was taking over at City Hall.  There are a number of letters and commentaries asking for new initiatives from the Mayor.  We go through the funding of the shelters locally and the Continuum of Care in this issue.  There was a story about the introduction of the Housing Cleveland website and a commentary about how re-entry folks often face discrimination.  There was the publication of the results of a survey about the street newspaper from readers.  A bill to end long term homelessness was introduced this week and Lydia Bailey provided a good overview of homelessness.


Added Three Bridge Supports, New Stats about Downtown Homeless

We added three Bridge Support newsletters on the website.  These are produced weekly and case workers can sign up to receive them by e-mail.  

We posted new stats about the downtown homeless on our information blog.  We have sixteen years of the number of people sleeping outside in the Downtown.   In 2014, we found three people sleeping outside.

We also updated the member hub section of the website with a commentary about how rough homeless families are having it this winter.  You must login to the website to get access to the member section.


Updated Front Page and Added Last Chronicle

We changed the Hand Up Gala pictures on the front page. This is the second gallery from the October 17, 2014 fine dining meal.  It is a fund raiser for the organization along with Catholic Charities Bishop Cosgrove Center.  We love this event because homeless and hungry people look forward to this fine dining meal with the proper ambiance.  It was a nice event.

We also posted the last Street Chronicle on our website.  Issue 21.2 was posted and was sold on the streets of Cleveland over the summer.  This issue has a number of commentaries from our vendors.  There is an article about single homeless people and the struggles that they face.  We have a few short articles about homelessness in Cleveland, and an article about living outside in cold weather.  There is an article about family health issues, and the value of the ID program in Cleveland.