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Sheltered Demographics in January 2015

This is from the Point in Time Count for Cuyahoga County 2015.  We have removed the unsheltered population since that data is useless.  This is a look at the people using the 1,900 shelter beds in Cuyahoga County on that one evening.  It gives a good snapshot of the population using shelters in Cleveland.  The source is the Office of Homeless Services released May 2015.


Housing First Residents

These are a break down of the residents of the 516 Housing First residents in Cuyahoga County as of May 2015.  This is put together by Enterprise Community Partners distributed by Cuyahoga Office of Homeless Services in May 2015. This does not include Front Steps and YWCA permanent supportive housing projects.



Changes in Cleveland Minority Population

This is taken from the State of Fair Housing Report in Northeast Ohio published by the Housing Center by Michael Lepley and Mandy Mehlman and it shows the rise of minority populations and the decline of the white population. 


Fair Housing Complaints Over Five Years

From The State of Fair Housing in Northeast Ohio April 2015 by Michael Lepley and Mandy Mehlman of the Housing Research and Advocacy Center.

A total of 842 complaints down from 911 in the previous five years.


How Geography Affects Kids Income as Adults Part 2

Where You Grow Up Matters

How growing up in selected counties affects poor kids' income as adults.   These kids saw a decline compared to the national average based on the county in which they resided for at least 18 years.  This was sampled at age 26 for the kids. Notice 2 communities in Ohio, Greater Columbus and the Dayton area, are on the negative side of the income decline.