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Cleveland First Call for Help Numbers

This comes from the United Way of Cleveland First Call for Help/2-1-1 service.

Remember that they have a data dashboard with regularly updated stats here


Funding and Numbers of Beds in Cleveland

Cuyahoga County Inventory

 Emergency Shelter Family Beds in Cuyahoga County =324

Transitional Shelter Family Beds in Cuyahoga County =46 beds

Permanent Supportive Housing Family Beds=2,871

Emergency Shelter Beds for Singles=880

Transitional Shelters and Safe Havens beds for Singles = 588

Permanent Supportive Housing Beds for Singles  = 4,133


County Quarterly Shelter Stats

These come from the County Office of Homeless Services.  They measure the number of people using the shelters in Cleveland.  There are duplicate individuals that are represented in each quarter.  In other words, you cannot add each quarter together to get a total for the year.  The County releases an unduplicated number at the end of each year.  There were reporting issues for the first quarter of 2015 with the families staying in transitional shelter.


Eliminating Veteran's Homelessness

This is a graph drawn up by the Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness in California that looked at the four cities in the United States to declare that they had "ended homelessness among veterans."  This data is collected from the Continuum of Care Complete Count report that each city submits in January and February of each year.  

For More information on the Sacremento Coalition to End Homelessness go here



Voting Access Given an "F" in Ohio


This comes from the left leaning American Progress Action Fund and rates the states on an academic scale for access to voting.  It measures these items: 

  • Effective participation
  • Voting equality
  • Enlightened understanding
  • Control of the agenda
  • Inclusion of adults