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Seniors of Cleveland Respond to Housing Needs

From April, 2015, through January, 2016, The Center for Community Solutions conducted research and analysis to complete an assessment of the age-friendliness of Cleveland. Their method of collecting primary data from older residents had three components: facilitated focus group discussions, a comprehensive survey of a randomly selected representative sample of older adult residents, and a shorter outreach questionnaire distributed by service providers and the Department of Aging. In total, we collected feedback from well over 1,000 older adult residents of Cleveland. In addition, the project engaged dozens of community leaders, service providers, and stakeholders. Here is a summary of the report. We present the two stats regarding housing for seniors.


Cuyahoga Land Bank After 7 Years


Medicaid Expansion Update for 2016

FamiliesUSA does the best job in keeping track of Medicaid expansion.  This comes from their February 2016 policy briefing.  We last posted their graphic in 2014 which had only 28 states expanding.  This comes ahead of the Kentucky governor saying that he was going to roll back Medicaid Expansion.  Remember, Kentuckians, Ohio is only the crossing of one river to keep your health care. 


Cuyahoga County Age of the Emergency Shelter Population

Age of the Emergency Shelter population in Cuyahoga County for 2015.  The top graph is for the individual shelters for those over 18 years old and without children.  The bottom graph is for the family shelters (adult with children) in Cuyahoga County for 2015.  Thanks to County Office of Homeless Services for providing this data (October 2014 to September 2015).  It is good that those over 62 years old are under represented in the shelters and shows the value of Social Security and Medicare.  Cuyahoga County is 16% over 65 while this graph shows 6% using the shelter over 61 years old. 


Cuyahoga County Racial Makeup of Emergency Shelters

This is the demographic information from the Cuyahoga County Office of Homeless Services and the race of individuals using the emergency shelters in Cuyahoga County Ohio for 2015 (October 2014 to September 2015).  Just for reference, the Census statistics for 2014 show that Cuyahoga County is 64.4% white, 30.3% African American, and 5.4% Hispanic.  So, the shelter population is disproportionately African American compared to the population.