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2016-05-04 Cuyahoga County Health Human Services and Aging Committee Meeting

This was held at the urging of the Homeless Congress in Cleveland over their concerns with the Community Women's Shelter in Cleveland.   There is a video available here, but we have transcribed the hearing so that you can read how your tax dollars are being spent in Cleveland.  We have broken the hearing down into managable parts. Just click on the links to read the transcript:

I. Introduction
    A. Roll Call
    B. Description of Agenda
II. Public Comments
    A. Ramona Turnbull – Former Resident of Women’s Shelter
    B. Linda Reynolds – Resident of Women’s Shelter
    C. Iris Wiley – Resident of Women’s Shelter
    D. Danielle Smith – Resident of Women’s Shelter
    E. Alyssa Wiemer – Resident of Women’s Shelter
III. Testimony of Brian Davis – Executive Director of NEOCH
IV. Questions for Mr. Davis from Council Members
V. Ruth Gillett – Director of Cuyahoga County Homeless Services
    A. Testimony
    B. Questions from Council Members
VI. Testimony of Eric Morse and LaTonya Murray – CEO of Frontline Services and Director of Emergency Housing Services for Frontline
VII. Questions for Mr. Morse and Ms. Murray from Council Members
VIII. Other Comments
    A. Irene Collins – Executive Director of EDEN
    B. Cynthia Ball – Resident of Women’s Shelter
    C. Loh – Resident of Women's Shelter



Watch the full hearing: