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Roll Call

Councilman Pernel Jones, Vice President and Chair of Cuyahoga County Council:  This meeting is called to order. Chrissy, would you please call the roll?

Chrissy:  Calling the roll – Mr. Jones?

Jones:  Here.

Chrissy:  Ms. Conwell?

Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell, Vice Chair:  Here.

Chrissy:  Ms. Brown…Ms. Brown is absent. Mr. Schron?

Councilman Jack Schron: Here.

Chrissy:  Mr. Miller?

Councilman Dale Miller: Here.

Chrissy:  We have a quorum and I’d like the record to reflect that Mr. Brady is in attendance.

Description  of Agenda

Jones:  Alright, Thank you and welcome to everyone. We have an important issue today that we’d like to discuss…our Homeless Services. And as we begin, we have several individuals who have signed in for public comment…some that’s related to this agenda, and some that might be unrelated. What we’ll do is, we’ll start with those who have comments related to the upcoming agenda. Let’s allow them to come forward first.

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