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or fax to 216/432-0620
ATTN: Brian Davis

For submitting grievance:

Because of a lack of progress in improving conditions at the two main shelters in Cleveland, NEOCH staff has decided as of March 2017, we will no longer accept complaints regarding 2100 Lakeside Shelter and the Community Women's Shelter on Payne Ave.  We encourage everyone to first follow the agencies grievance procedure and file a grievance with the agency.  We understand that this can be difficult or does not involve any neutral third party to fairly determine the outcome.  We will work to resolve your grievance by completing the enclose form or coming to our office to complete a grievance.  We can try to keep your identity private, but we do not accept unsigned and anonymous complaints.  NEOCH staff must have a real person associated with a complaint.  We will keep the individual filing a grievance informed of our progress, and will ask every step of the way how much information we are allowed to disclose. We recommend calling your City Councilmember TJ Dow at 664-2908 or call Yvonne Conwell at County Council 698-2017 if you are having problems and you are staying at 2100 Lakeside Shelter or 2227 Payne Ave. Women's Shelter.

Here is the list of County Shelter Standards for reference.

Here is a flyer on the discharge procedure that you can use