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This blog is dedicated to distribute current information about the Coalition for the Homeless in Cleveland or poverty or the state of homelessness. Entries are written by board or staff of the Coalition. The opinions contained in this blog reflect the views of the author of the post. This blog features information on shelters, affordable housing, profiles, statistics, trends, and upcoming events relating to homelessness. We welcome comments, and will remove offensive or inappropriate messages. All postings are signed by the author.

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Housing 101 Announced for October 23

We have set the date for the next Housing 101.  The first two this year were sold out two weeks before the event.  We will once again have the popular Cleveland Housing Court staff talk about evictions and the eviction process.  We will have a look at Fair Housing with the Housing Center and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs staff will talk about the services available to veterans locally.  Ed from Frontline Services will provide an overview of access to Permanent Supportive Housing and the new Coordinated Strategy.  Finally, we have a look at the finest affordable housing website in Ohio and how to sign up for the special features.   Here is a copy of the flyer and we also have a web page dedicated to the Housing Workshops.  Send the flyer around and tell your friends and tell your co-workers.  This is most likely the last of the housing workshops for the year.

Brian Davis

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NEOCH Comments on Open Internet Rules for FCC

There were nearly 1.2 million submissions to the FCC regarding net neutrality including NEOCH.   We felt it was important to comment on this issue on behalf of homeless people in Cleveland.  The proposed rules would create a fast lane for the Internet in which cable companies could charge certain web content providers more money to access these fast lanes.  The NEOCH website provides content including videos and access to our Street Card information card (being the most popular).  Most of our clients are accessing the internet with outdated equipment in computer labs and libraries.  We believe that our agency would be harmed because we could not afford to put our content on the fast lane, and our clients would be harmed because critical information would be delivered to them in the slower lanes. 

Nearly every job application, housing application and health care access is increasingly being done through electronic means. The last time the housing choice voucher program was opened it was done by web only applications and only for one week.  Access to legislators, bureaucrats and government is largely done by e-mail or by submitting information through a public website.  Unemployment compensation and the food stamp program are almost exclusively done online.  The life of a homeless person and their ability to find stability involves sending and receiving information electronically in an open and in the fastest means possible.  

NEOCH also is a partner in the website which features 32,000 apartments including pictures, maps and extensive details on each building.  We would not be able to pay for faster access to our constituents looking for housing through this website.  The 150,000 unique users per year would face a slower and more frustrating experience when searching for housing. 

NEOCH is concerned that...Internet Service Providers would be able to charge content providers extra for preferential treatment and faster access.  Nonprofits simply cannot compete with for-profit websites if paid priority is implemented. 

We believe that the Internet should be treated as a public utility that provides essential services in our community.  Because of the access to medical care, housing and income is largely done by accessing the Internet, any regulation of the Internet must foremost be in the public interest. 

This is a summary of the comments that we submitted on behalf of homeless people in Cleveland, Ohio.  Gino Scarselli, our interim executive director, put a great deal of work in putting together our comments.  We hope that the Commissioners will keep the Internet open to charitable organizations and religious groups in practice.  We will continue to track this issue.  For a complete look at our submission click on the link below

NEOCH Comments on Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.

Brian Davis

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Housing Cleveland Website is a Wonderful Resource is a website constructed by a whole host of non-profit and government organizations.  A FREE website for housing related needs. Helping people to have access to affordable housing in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Dedicated to working smart by providing resources that offer significant opportunities for families with the need to find safe, decent and sustainable housing.  It also offers understanding of tenants and landlord rights, providing information regarding evictions, conflict mediation services, social services assistance, housing vouchers, disability housing, fair housing oversight and family housing/energy savings. allows case workers for low-income individuals, such as homeless people, to easily search and navigate extensive listing within Cuyahoga County.  Encouraging landlords to list their properties on the site, and providing tools and resources for homeowners to have easy access to the process. is a guide to building strong families while sustaining housing opportunities. Dedicated to helping families and the community by providing quality service to address the needs of clients that range from simple to complex. has grown to become the premiere affordable housing listing in Ohio, with a database of 33,500 housing units, 1,183 apartment units are currently available. is a reliable, high quality, easy-to-use application.  Generates rent comparison base on comprehensive, detailed rental information, rating tools for locating housing in areas with specific features, such as schools, crime, lead safe guidelines and much more.  We can serve your housing agency needs by solutions that utilize leading edge technology that will meet both local and statewide housing needs.

by Gloria McCurdy

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One Million Searches

NEOCH is co-administrator of the website, along with 211/First Call for Help.  This affordable housing website contains around 2,000 available units.  Last week we reached a milestone with over 1 million searches having been conducted over the last year.  There were over 140,000 unique users who conducted these searches.  We had been getting close to the one million mark at the end of the year, but did not reach it until last Wednesday March 28, 2012.  Here are some statistics on Housing  We need to congratulate all the organizations including the City and County who met eight years ago to find the funding for the site.  We have now gone over one million searches over the last 12 months and more than 3.25 searches since the site went live in 2005.  We could not have done it without Nina, Meghan, and Van at Social who manage the site along with the housing search websites in over 30 states.  This is an amazing service for the community and a tremendous deal for the community.  For under $30,000 per year, we get the website, a call center, and special needs functions for case workers to use in the community.  Your tax dollars at work helping people find housing in our community.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinions of those who sign the entry.