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This blog is dedicated to distribute current information about the Coalition for the Homeless in Cleveland or poverty or the state of homelessness. Entries are written by board or staff of the Coalition. The opinions contained in this blog reflect the views of the author of the post. This blog features information on shelters, affordable housing, profiles, statistics, trends, and upcoming events relating to homelessness. We welcome comments, and will remove offensive or inappropriate messages. All postings are signed by the author.

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Housing 101 Planned for April

Check out our page including a copy of this flyer that you can print out and distribute.  We must receive your reservation and the payment in order to hold a space for you.  There are only 40 spots available.

Brian Davis

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Housing 101 Has Openings

Dear Anonymous:  We would love to have you attend the Housing 101, but you paid on our website anonymously.  How are we supposed to reserve a spot for you if you are anonymous? Network for Good is not a program of NEOCH and when you pay anonymously that means the agency is not told who made a doantion. We are usually full and typically turn away a handful of people from the workshop.  If we do not know who you are how are we supposed to reserve a space for you?   Are you allowed to reserve a ticket at a concert anonymously? or a hotel room?  This happens every workshop we do.  You can donate to NEOCH anonymously, but you cannot pay for Housing 101 anonymously.   It does not make sense.  Here is the web page and below is the flyer.  Hope you can join us to learn about housing but just not anonymously.  Thanks for the anonymous donation to NEOCH and feel free to schedule meetings for yourself for October 23 because you are available. 

--NEOCH staff

For those non anonymous people you can learn about Coordinated Intake, how to refer homeless people to shelter, and housing for veterans.  We will give details about the Housing website in Cleveland and the local fair housing law.  One of the most popular sections of the workshop is the presentation by the Cleveland Housing Court.  The workshop is popular and we only have 22 spots left.  Make your (non-anonymous) reservation today by sending in the form with payment.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry


Housing 101 Announced for October 23

We have set the date for the next Housing 101.  The first two this year were sold out two weeks before the event.  We will once again have the popular Cleveland Housing Court staff talk about evictions and the eviction process.  We will have a look at Fair Housing with the Housing Center and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs staff will talk about the services available to veterans locally.  Ed from Frontline Services will provide an overview of access to Permanent Supportive Housing and the new Coordinated Strategy.  Finally, we have a look at the finest affordable housing website in Ohio and how to sign up for the special features.   Here is a copy of the flyer and we also have a web page dedicated to the Housing Workshops.  Send the flyer around and tell your friends and tell your co-workers.  This is most likely the last of the housing workshops for the year.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry.


Next Housing 101 Filling Up Quickly

We had a really nice workshop on March 20 and we are planning another one for May 15 with the same speakers.  We have 12 spaces left for the event, and we need payment before we reserve a space.  Here is the website for the Housing Workshop

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry


Upcoming Events for NEOCH

Hand Up Gala 2014The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless has a number of events coming up in the future.  We hope that you can participate in a number of things going forward. 

Socks Plus Benefit

March 20 at 5 p.m. at the 78th St. Studio north of Detroit Ave. on the West Side Cleveland.  This will feature poetry and Lydia Bailey's photgraphy.  This was organized by the Community West Foundation and the proceeds will go to the Socks Plus campaign which has delivered boots, socks and winter clothing to hundreds in Cleveland.  We were able to help people into housing and convince people to come inside during the extreme cold. 

Housing 101

March 20 workshop is full so we have scheduled another one on May 15, 2015.  Same speakers and same price.  Similar materials and same time with 3 social work CEUs courtesy of the ADAMHS Board.  We have a page here to print out the flyer to reserve your spot.  We must receive payment in order to secure your place at this workshop.  It is a chance to learn more about homelessness and housing in the community. 

PSH/Outreach Teach In

March 26 at 6 p.m. at Winton on Lorain, we are having another forum on the importance of outreach to get people into housing.  We will also spotlight these beautiful buildings in our community.  We ask that you RSVP so we know how many packets to prepare.  Here are more details.

NEOCH Annual Meeting

April 1, 2015 is the NEOCH Annual meeting.  It is a time to look back at 2014 and give out awards for outstanding service to the homeless community.  There will be light meal and we will issue our annual report.  Again, we ask that you reserve a space at 216-432-0540.

Conflict Resolution/Mediation Training

NEOCH is partnering with the Cleveland Mediation Center to teach outreach teams, homeless people and others how to de-escalate and resolve conflicts peacefully.  This training is funded by the Community West Foundation and there are only 8 spaces left for this training which begins in April 9, 2015.  We need you to RSVP for this event.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry