Fund to Help those Burnt Out in the Flats
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 3:54PM
NEOCH Web Admin in shelter resistant, sleeping outside.

We are closely watching the Flats area to see if there are additional fires or trouble for those living in the area.   We have had a couple of people report someone going through and stealing items from tents before the arrests were made two weeks ago.  We did get a few calls from concerned citizens who want to help those who are sleeping down in the Flats.  Our new outreach in training worker can distribute items collected at the Coalition offices at 3631 Perkins Ave. third floor.  If you are interested in helping to replace some of the items lost, here are a few suggestions:

We recommend that you donate clothing to either West Side Catholic or Bishop Cosgrove Center.  These are the two places we trust will donate the items to homeless people and that we know most people use to receive clothing donations.   We had a meeting on Tuesday to talk about the continued concerns among the men and women sleeping in and around the Flats area.  This is the list generated from those who are staying outside. 

Brian Davis

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