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Amazing Donations

Pictured above are a group of mats that homeless people can use to sleep on.  These are plastic and can be used for those who are resistant to going into a shelter.  They are waterproof and comfortable.  The amazing thing is that these are all made out of recycled plastic bags from the grocery store.  It looks like some fabric or cord, but it is a homemade mat from plastic bags.  We did not get the name of the volunteers who did this amazing work, but we will get it for you so we can thank them.  Here is another picture:

Even the tie is made from plastic grocery bags.  The outreach workers are going to love these when they meet next week.  Thanks to all the people who put this together.  They are great. 

Speaking of donations, we did not make our goal of 5,000 blankets this year.  I think that the mild winter made it harder to get people into the frame of mind for donating.  Plus we actually did not need as many blankets.  There was not as many nights of overflow needed this last winter.  Here is the total number of donations for this past winter:

  • 495 Blankets
  • 82 hats
  • 22 coats
  • 32 pairs of socks
  • 115 bottles of cosmetics.
  • 27 wellness kits

We also received gloves, scarves, comforters, sleeping bags, fleece throws, hygiene kits, women's and mens clothing, spring jackets, sheets and bedding, sweat suits and adult diapers.  Thanks to everyone who donated items this year.  We gave them out to the outreach workers who are out on the street building a relationship with those living outside. 


The entries are the opinions of those who sign the post.

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Reader Comments (1)

how big were the strips cut? and where did you get the colorful bags. everything out here it thin, white and has logos. would love to do as an American Legion project. thank you

January 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterN Wright

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