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NEOCH Seeks Board Members 


Position Title:          Member of the Board of Trustees                                       Created:        5/89

Reports To:             Greater Clevelanders, homeless people, and strategic partners                                   

Location:                  Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless              Revised: 6/2011       

Salary:                      Volunteer for 4 to 15 hours a month

Length of Service:  2 year term

NEOCH currently has six vacancies on our Board of Trustees.  NEOCH is seeking talented and qualified individuals for our Board, and we have a strong interest in diversifying the ethnicity, level of experience, and industry backgrounds of our Board Members in order to provide the best services to our constituency.

Position Function:

The Board of Trustees of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless oversees the fiduciary health of the organization, and provides input on the policy direction of this civil rights and advocacy coalition.  The Board meets 10 times a year, and provides guidance to and evaluation of the Executive Director of NEOCH.  The organization is moving to strengthen its commitment to advocacy and public education, and are seeking trustees who have an expertise in these areas. 



  1. Oversight of this $225,000 non-profit organization including financial and development oversight.
  2. Attend 10 board meetings and work on one of the committees.
  3. Assist with the performance evaluation of the Executive Director.
  4. Assure compliance with all standards of charity accountability to safeguard all donations and maximize their impact on the community.
  5. Work toward a seamless system of high quality social services that quickly return homeless people to safe, decent and affordable housing.
  6. Maintain a commitment to finding and putting in place solutions to homelessness.
  7. Must become a member of the Coalition and renew your membership every year.
  8. Put in place the infrastructure to create a transparent and resilient organization that has the capability of providing a healthy working environment for staff, volunteers and national service members.
  9. Supervise the creation, development and implementation of an annual budget.
  10. Create and then assure that the policies and procedures for the organization are followed.
  11. Limit any exposure the agency might have to risks or disaster.

Qualifications/ Experience:

  • Commitment to serve low income and homeless individuals.
  • Ability to work with fragile and disenfranchised populations.
  • NEOCH typically does not bring employees of a government agency onto the Board, because of the potential conflicts of interest for an advocacy organization.
  • Dedication of some time to move NEOCH forward.

 NEOCH Mission:

To organize and empower homeless and at risk men, women and children to break the cycle of

 homelessness through public education, advocacy, and the creation of nurturing environments.